Our Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a concept developed and explained by Simon Sinek in his book “Start with WHY,” and popularized by his now famous TED Talk, How great leaders inspire action.

Sinek says that instead of starting with what you do, start with why you do it. 

WHAT you do is the proof of your WHY, as is HOW you go about doing WHAT you do to fulfill your WHY. 

But everything needs to start with a WHY, and that's why we created our own Golden Circle.

Yes, it may be taking the practice a little too literally, but we're okay with that because really, it's a part of our HOW!


To unlock student potential for collaboration and creativity so that students become leaders who not only talk about bringing people together, but have the skills and desire to do so.


Our HOWs

Sinek says a mission statement is how you work towards achieving your WHY.

Our mission is to make group work easier for teachers and more educational for students.

These are the core ways we work to accomplish that:

Put the process first: One person doing everything is not a process…

Make work and learning equitable and visible: Everyone shares responsibility for the work and then grows through reflecting on the work

Foster awareness: Know your strengths and contribute what you can

Challenge students to challenge each other: conflict with civility through formative assessment

Communicate effectively: be concise, but nothing should be assumed


So what do we actually do? We put the "group" back in group work!

More specifically, we specialize in group writing projects, bringing structure to the group writing process.

Students either have turns or sections that they are responsible for, and to encourage peer-to-peer feedback and engagement, we have what we like to call controlled editing. This means Billy can edit whatever he contributes, but he can't change what Sally writes. Instead, he can leave a Note explaining either what he likes about Sally's contribution, or make a suggestion for how to make it better.

We strive to build features that limit distractions, promote concise writing, and encourage cooperation and/or collaboration (an important distinction!).

So this is our Golden Circle. We use group work as a tool to accomplish a bigger goal: creating a more collaborative and creative world.

Want to join us?