About Us

An English major and a rocket scientist go to a Greek restaurant-for lunch…

Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it's actually the start of Storillo! From day one, we've been about getting people to work together, no mater how different they are.

Today, our mission is to make group work easier for teachers and more educational for students to better prepare students for their futures.

We envision a world where students grow to become leaders, who not only talk about bringing people together, but have the skills and desire to do so!

Proudly Built in Buffalo, NY



Idea Born




The Founders

Thomas Wilkie

Thomas Wilkie

English & Spanish

Daemen College

An introverted ideator who can extrovert with the best of them! Thomas prides himself on his patience, reliability, and versatility.

Commonly the student who did everything, he thought there had to be a better way, so with the help of an old friend, he set out to create that better way!

Tim Adowski

Tim Adowski

Computer Science & Aerospace

University at Buffalo

An introverted academic that enjoys logical thinking, political and philosophical discussions, and making technology bend to his will.

Tim was always the student who took over groups projects to "make sure they were done right" and developed a deep-seeded hatred for group projects in general. But when a high school friend approached him with a solution to this problem, Tim was in!

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