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Let's help students learn how to work together as one!

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Common Sense Education 4 Star Review

"Storillo is a great tool for ensuring student accountability in group writing projects. It also has some nice learning benefits in that students have to figure out how to fit their ideas with and build on the ideas of others." Read more! - Edtech Top 30 of 2020

We are honored to be selected as a
Top 30 Education Site of 2020

Storillo unlocks student potenial for collaboration and creativity by putting process first

Support Through Feedback

Provide Support Through
Formative Assessment

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement
Between Students

Know What Everyone Did

Everyone Knows
Who Did What

No more...

One Person Doing Everything

One Student
Doing Everything

People Trying to Make it Look Like The Did Something

Students Trying to Make it Look Like They Did Something

One Person Doing Nothing

One Student
Doing Nothing

How it works

Storillo helps students practice 21st century skills with our collaborative structures

Step 1 Collaborate


Cooperate or collaborate?

Just putting students into groups isn't collaboration! Use one of our customizable collaborative structures to design both cooperative and collaborative group writing projects. We'll walk you through our step-by-step project creation process where you can set guidelines for how your students will work together.


Create your groups

Once you create a project, assign it to your students. You can manually select the groups yourself or let us do it for you (don't worry, you can adjust as needed). Once you select a due date, your students can get to work!

Step 2 Assign
Step 3 Watch


See (and support) them in action!

This is the fun part! Watch the process unfold as your students cooperate and collaborate to create something together. Both you and your students will see exactly who did what, making it easier to provide targeted and meaningful feedback.

Storillo is perfect for...

Group Essays

Group Essays

Language Practice

Language Practice

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Lab Reports

Lab Reports

Presentation Scripts

Presentation Scripts

Business Plans

Business Plans

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Business Plans

Business Plans

Storillo, like armadillo

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Storillo is all about teamwork, and every great team needs a mascot — so say hello to the Storillo Armadillo!

Don't take our word for it

Students learn...
“ …that you have to work together to make something great.”
“Storillo is a need-to-have because it gets students to collaborate equally and allows me to give feedback on their projects.”
Christina Evans
Business Teacher
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Students learn...
“…that sometimes, different people have different strengths and weaknesses.”

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What do education and school mean to you?

Do you collaborate or do you cooperate?

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